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Adventure Park La Quiete

A natural space equipped with safe adventure trails for unforgettable emotions

Who we are

Always committed to satisfying your desire for adventure, in total respect of safety, we think of exciting leisure activities for children and adults. If you are looking for a fun alternative to live an experience in nature, at the park you can find numerous paths in the trees that are made up of many elements, for the truly courageous and for those who want to challenge themselves. Our aim? Let you experience unforgettable emotions, also thanks to the visit to the beautiful landscapes of the vicinity of Lake Garda and the morainic hills that we organize with our Quad Tours or that you can plan with our E-Bike Rental service.


The Lonato del Garda Adventure Park is an adrenaline-pumping park, ideal for all ages, made up of paths among the trees of varying difficulty, from the Baby one designed for younger children to the black one for more adventurous adults. The adventure trails, consisting of Tibetan bridges, trunks, nets, wooden walkways, are suspended between the trees and, due to the high height reached in some paths, the Park adopts important safety measures that safeguard the participants. The park has in fact developed a safety system which, thanks to the innovative Clic-it system, does not allow the participant to free himself from both carabiners. In this way, both children and adults will be firmly anchored to the station. Furthermore, all courses are checked and certified by professionals in the sector. The paths among the trees of the La Quiete Adventure Park were created by Verde Verticale Snc, a company with twenty years of experience in the construction of adventure parks. Services outside the park in collaboration with

Green Route

Blue Route

Red Route

Black Route

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