Canoe rental

River excursions

in the natural park of the Mincio

Adventurous experience among nature

The Mincio river originates in Peschiera and is the only emissary of Lake Garda. Not all sections are navigable and for many, this treasure trove of biodiversity remains unknown. It is in fact from the inside, sliding on the water, that its beauty can be fully appreciated. The Canoe Tour develops in the “historical” section, that is where the river has not been channeled and still has traces of its ancient past. The river is gentle and shallow, with transparent waters that allow you to admire its flora and fauna. Nature reigns supreme, it is like immersing yourself in a fairytale time and place with a silence broken only by the sound of water and the countless animals we will meet.

How it takes place

At the departure / boarding point you will find a Garda Adventure representative who will explain to you in detail how the excursion takes place and will handle all the registration and payment procedures. Then you will be given the safety material and the crews will be formed (if necessary). After an explanation on the rules of behavior and safety in the water we will embark for the practical test and the subsequent departure. During the experience, our guides will entertain you with curiosity and anecdotes of those who were born and live in these places.


Numerous fables of mythological inspiration, linked to the presence of the Romans and their pagan myths, bring us back to nymphs, dryads and other mythical figures. As reported by Lenotti on the text “The legends of Garda”, the origin of the river Mincio would have been born from the union of the nymph Garda and the Sarca, to whom it becomes the divine origin of the poet Virgilio, in turn the son of Mincio and the nymph Maia , illustrious by lineage and famous for beauty.

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