Green Route

Green Route

Perfect adventure trail for those who have never tried a tree circuit, suitable for ages 8 and up

For children from 8 years

Have you ever been in the trees and looking for a path to start? The Green Route is made up of 8 platforms with a variable height of 3 meters and is ideal for starting without difficulty. A minimum height of 140 cm from 8 years of age is required. Between the stages of the track you will find nice ziplines, or pulleys on steel cables that allow you to move hanging in the void from one tree to another. It only takes a bit of courage to get started, but fun is guaranteed! Are you ready? 3, 2, 1 …… go!

Useful info

  • 100% CLICK IT anti-release carabiner system. We guarantee maximum safety, even for those who have never worn a harness.
  • Briefing by a licensed instructor before each ascent.
  • System tested and certified by VERDE VERTICALE s.n.c.
  • The following will be provided with access: helmet, harness with CLICK – IT system, pulley for zipline.
  • Obligation to use shoes.


Ground height: 3 meters
Low difficulty
Platforms: 8
Age 8 and up
Minimum height of 140 cm

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